We desire to help young leaders in the development of their calling, character, and competency by expanding the kingdom ministry.

Internship Values

As a staff at CCC we operate with these values towards internship.

  • We believe that development has to be intentional.
 Our development as people and as leaders must involve a focused and purposeful approach, not haphazard busyness.
  • We believe that we need to develop leaders, not use leaders. Too often, internship programs are used as a breeding ground for grunt labor. We recognize this tendency and want to insure we are pouring into our interns’ lives.
  • We believe that development takes place within the context of ministry and relationship. Development of leaders must involve practical application to and work within an active ministry among key relationships including peers, ministry leaders, and outside mentors.
  • We believe that emerging leaders need proximity to leaders.
 Oftentimes the most significant thing we can do as developing leaders is to simply be around other more mature leaders to learn by observation and through relationship.
  • We believe that development must be holistic.
 Development must address a range of issues including personal, theological, ministry skills, and missional development with the aim of developing the whole person.