Christian Community Church is a community that is family, where grace reigns and where Jesus rules.  By God’s grace, we make our church about Jesus.


Our Mission: Christian Community Church exists to make  disciples who make disciples of all nations. Disciples have three characteristics.  First, a disciple follows Jesus Christ by coming to Him by faith for salvation.  Second, a disciple is formed by Jesus Christ, becoming like Him in character.  Finally, a disciple is faithful to the mission of Jesus Christ by making disciples. 

Our Vision: We accomplish our mission through our Discipleship Pathway, intentional steps toward growing as a disciple.  First, we know God more in our weekly worship services as we worship and hear God’s Word together.  Next, we find community through our weekly Life Groups as we navigate through life together, encouraging one another in God’s Word.  Next, we find deeper transformation as God’s Word takes deeper roots, and we spread that Word to others as we make disciples in our Discipleship Groups of three to five men or women.  Finally, we join God’s work to change the world through volunteering, missions, and sharing the Gospel.  If you call CCC home, step onto our Discipleship Pathway by taking the next step! 

Acts 29 Network

We belong to the Acts 29 network which exists to plant churches worldwide by recruiting, assessing, training, and supporting church planters. The call to make disciples is answered most effectively through gospel-centered churches.

This network is committed to the following five theological distinctives:

  • Gospel centrality in all of life
  • The sovereign grace of God in saving sinners 
  • The work of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry
  • The equality of men and women and the principle of male servant leadership
  • The local church as God’s primary mission strategy

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