Interested in renting our facility?

We have space for weddings and memorials, dinners and fundraisers, meetings and conferences, athletic activities,  birthday parties and recitals, concerts and seminars, and overnight lodging for out-of-town groups.

Areas for rent include the following:

  • Sanctuary - stage, seating for 200+, state of the art audio, lighting, and projector systems, two 140″ screens
  • Foyer- coffee bar, tables and chairs, TV/DVD
  • Gym- bleacher seating, painted concrete floor, 5 basketball hoops
  • Kitchen (under renovation) and Dining area, whiteboard and podium
  • Classrooms - tables and chairs able to be arranged, whiteboards
  • Youth Room - stage and instruments, seating and couches, game tables

For more information on how to rent church space, please contact Facility Coordinator, Kathy Beachy (907)299-2774.