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As believers the Lord puts particular people in our path so that we can share the gospel in word and action. At CCC we want to highlight the importance of seeing a need and taking personal action.

At this time of year when a normal inclination is to collect and send money to an organization who will give it away, we want to be the ones who see a need and meet a need.

Rather than giving money to the church, we're encouraging you to see a need in your community and meet that need. If the need is bigger than you're capable of meeting - bring it to Pastor Sky and we'll resource you to meet it. At the heart of this revamp (of "Make a Friend, Feed a family")  is to create more opportunities for relationship building and conversations where people can see the mark of Jesus in our lives.

We're challenging the entire church to do this at least one time in the next 6 weeks leading up to Christmas.  And come tell us the story during open mic!  Related to this Tara's sister is moving up, coming out of a rough situation and starting fresh. As a church we want to support and bless her, surrounding her with love and support. If you feel led, there's a list of things that she needs to begin again, that will be in the foyer after service.