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This year we've chosen to target village ministry in Alaska for our PFD drive.  Village ministry in Alaska is hard. We recognize that and want to encourage, challenge & equip believers in the villages. One of the ways we've chosen to do that this year is by sponsoring several gatherings in the village of McGrath (which is a hub village in the interior).  These gatherings have the goal of encouraging, challenging, and uplifting the believers in the villages so that they can go back and be fruitful (not barren, isolated, & burned out) in their walk with Christ. The organization is based out of McGrath and is run by Brad & Lindsay Sturm.  They have three target people groups to focus on for these: Marriages, Families & Leaders. They hope to have 6 gatherings per year, with each gathering focusing on one of these people groups. Each gathering will have between 30-90 people travelling in from 5-7 villages, and will cost about $7k per gathering. The cost will cover airfare, food and utilities for the event. Christian Community Church hopes to raise enough money through your tithes on the PFD this year, to cover the cost of 3 gatherings ($21k). Please consider how much you can give toward this ministry as we look beyond ourselves in how we use our PFD. We are encouraging people to give 10% or more of their PFD to this ministry endeavor for the sake of the spread of the gospel in the villages of Alaska.