The Lord is worthy. More than worthy. Worthy to recieve honor, recognition & worship every millisecond of our day with our whole hearts. On a Sunday morning we come together to do together what we do alone during the week. Worship Him. Recenter Him in our hearts and lives. Give Him the place He rightly deserves.  Through our service and our music we remind ourselves of who He is and who we are in light of Him. We hope that when you come to CCC you recognize & join us in this natural act of the people of God.

Our worship team is made up of a wide array of talented & passionate musicians and worshippers.  Our music is a blend of up-to-date, contemporary, last 40 years & traditional sounds.  We hope this is a place where multiple generations can consistently connect with God through the music.  You'll hear songs you like, songs that are new to you, and songs you're tired of (but other people love).  When you visit please let us know how the Lord directed you during the musical worship (& whether you were endeared or annoyed in the process as there is usually a little of both with us humans). Ultimately our worship music is about putting God back on the throne of our lives (if we ever put Him aside).  We hope that you can do that here at CCC!

If you are gifted musically or you're passionate about helping people encounter God through music (hopefully both) please get ahold of us and we would love to chat with you about it and seeing if & where the Lord would have you serve.  We have a large team of musicians, tech support, light/video team & others who make every service a success. 

Until we see you, God be with you & exalted in your heart!


Where can I find the songs we sing?

We've created a Spotify playlist that you can listen to at home that has all of the songs we play at CCC on a consistent basis and some new ones we hope to learn Click on the Spotify icon.

Worship Team Training

Here are some videos that I hope you find helpful as you seek to learn and grow better as a musician, vocalist and audio/visual/lighting technician

Background Vocals

Here are some vocal exercises for our worship singers

Vocalist - When & how should you sing Harmony?

Chords on Keys & Piano training

Useful basic ideas to help with worship keys and piano

Using orchestral instruments on a Sunday Morning

A conversation with Bob Kauflin about how and why to use cello, violin, flute, brass in worship music. After 5 minutes it is relevant. At 17 minutes how and when the orchestral instrument can add to the song. At 19 minutes - playing without notes.

Cultivating your primary skill on the team

What to do with distractions on stage

Where and how to direct your mind and heart when things are distracting

One way to do a sound check

Paul Baloche shares how he does a sound check with his band.

Being a great team player as a sound tech

Be humble, hungry and people - smart. Also a great video for everyone on the team in checking our heart and attitude in being part of a worship team.

Lighting Team Training

A good reference video to get an idea of how to use lights best. Feel free to fast forward to the spots that are most relevant to you at the time.