"I Believe"

The testimony and baptism of Layla.

Life Groups Facilitating Care
God provides for rent!

Recently one of our life groups heard of a need in their group - someone being behind on $2k worth of rent.  After prayer and seeking the Lord, within 1 week the Lord provided the money for the rent and even more.  God seeking to show his love through small and big things in the life of our community.

In our congregation

Prayers answered
During open mic we consistently listen to local stories of God hearing and answering our prayers.
Men's advance fruit
In March, men from CCC went away together and while several were encouraged, one person in particular has started meeting on a regular basis to explore the faith and the hope that Jesus offers for redemption.
Baptism of Brenda
"When I came to CCC and realized how much I missed church family so today... I proclaim to the world that Jesus is my savior and I intend to be in his service."